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When it comes to sports betting, everyone has their individual needs and preferences. In general, people seek their betting angel, an expert who can deliver the best bet options tailored to their requirements. That’s precisely what our Bet of the Day column at MrBet247 provides – your daily source of free betting tips. And I’m confident you’d appreciate that!

Each of our sports betting experts has been sharing sports free betting tips for over two decades, ensuring that you not only receive the best daily tips 247 but also a detailed analysis supporting each prediction.

Our goal is to present lucrative free betting tips every day, guiding you to bookmakers offering the best odds. This way, you can maximize your gains based on these predictions. We strive to determine which bet is the best, focusing on those with the highest odds and the greatest likelihood of success. That’s why we proudly consider ourselves one of the best prediction sites!

Check out our latest free betting tips and predictions on today’s sport events

DateSportCompetitionMatchPredictionBet TypeOdds
9-JunFootballInternationalFrance - CanadaOver 3.5Under/Over 3.52.402.40WeekendPrevious
9-JunFootballInternationalFrance - Canada1 (-1)Handicap1.901.90WeekendPrevious
9-JunFootballInternationalItaly - Bosnia11X21.301.30WeekendPrevious
9-JunFootballInternationalItaly - BosniaOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51.801.80WeekendPrevious
9-JunFootballInternationalMontenegro - GeorgiaUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51.701.70WeekendPrevious
9-JunFootballInternationalSlovakia - Wales11X22.152.15WeekendPrevious
9-JunFootballInternationalSlovakia - WalesUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51.651.65WeekendPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalArgentina - Ecuador11X21.551.55weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalCzech Republic - North Macedonia11X2banker1.551.55weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalCzech Republic - North MacedoniaOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51.851.85weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalNetherlands - Iceland1 to nilWin to nil1.851.85weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalNetherlands - Iceland11X2banker1.201.20weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalNetherlands - Iceland2-0, 3-0Correct Scorebomb6.506.50weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalPoland - Turkey11X22.452.45weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalPoland - TurkeyUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51.701.70weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalPoland - Turkey1-0, 1-1Correct Scorebomb7.007.00weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballWorld Cup 2026 qual.Ghana - Central African Republic11X2banker1.301.30weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballWorld Cup 2026 qual.Montserrat - Panama0-3, 1-3Correct Scorebomb14.0014.00weekdayPrevious
10-JunHorse RacingLingfield15:35 - Hul ah Bah Looplaceplace6.006.00weekdayPrevious
10-JunHorse RacingRoscommon17:18 - Horntzau D'airyplaceplace2.002.00weekdayPrevious
10-JunHorse RacingRoscommon17:48 - Born By The Seaplaceplacebomb15.0015.00weekdayPrevious
10-JunHorse RacingRoscommon19:48 - Monbeg Parkplaceplacebomb8.008.00weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballInternationalAzerbaijan - Kazakhstan2/XHT/FTbomb5.005.00weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballInternationalChile - ParaguayX/1HT/FTbomb5.005.00weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballInternationalMoldova - Ukraine21X21.551.55weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballInternationalMoldova - UkraineUnder 1.5Under/Over 1.5bomb4.004.00weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballInternationalPortugal - Ireland11X21.301.30weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballInternationalSan Marino - Cyprus2/2HT/FT1.801.80weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballWorld Cup 2026 qual.Australia - Palestine1/1HT/FT1.801.80weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballWorld Cup 2026 qual.Congo - Morocco2/2HT/FT1.601.60weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballWorld Cup 2026 qual.Japan - Syria1/1HT/FT5.005.00weekdayPrevious
12-JuneSportsCS:GOTeam Spirit - G211X21.301.30weekdayPrevious
12-JuneSportsCS:GOVitality - Virtus.pro11X21.401.40weekdayPrevious
12-JuneSportsLoLHanwha Life - Dplus KIA11X21.351.35weekdayPrevious
12-JunFootballBrazil Serie ABotafogo - FluminenseBTTS NOBTTS2.102.10weekdayPrevious
12-JunFootballBrazil Serie ABotafogo - Fluminense11X22.052.05weekdayPrevious
13-JuneSportsLoLBRION -0 DRXOver 2.5Under/Over 2.5BETweekdayPrevious
13-JuneSportsLoLNongshim Red Force - FearX21X21.501.50weekdayPrevious
13-JuneSportsSCIICure - ByuN21X22.252.25weekdayPrevious
13-JuneSportsSCIIMaru - soO11X21.101.10weekdayPrevious
13-JunFootballInternationalEcuador - Bolivia11X21.301.30weekdayPrevious
13-JunFootballInternationalUSA - Brazil21X21.551.55weekdayPrevious
13-JunFootballSpain SegundaEspanyol - Sporting Gijon11X21.801.80weekdayPrevious
13-JunFootballSpain SegundaEspanyol - Sporting GijonOver 2.5Under/Over 2.52.402.40weekdayPrevious
14-JuneSportsLoLT1 - Nongshim Red Force1 (-1.5)Handicap1.401.40weekdayPrevious
14-JunFootballArgentinaBoca Juniors - Velez SarsfieldX1X2Draw3.203.20weekdayPrevious
14-JunFootballBrazil Serie AFlamengo - Gremio11X2banker1.501.50weekdayPrevious
14-JunFootballBrazil Serie AInternational - Sao PauloBTTS YESBTTS2.052.05weekdayPrevious
14-JunFootballBrazil Serie AInternational - Sao PauloOver 2.5Under/Over 2.52.502.50weekdayPrevious
14-JunFootballEuro 2024Germany - Scotland1 to nilWin to nil1.801.80weekdayPrevious
14-JunFootballEuro 2024Germany - Scotland11X21.301.30weekdayPrevious
15-JunFootballArgentinaUnion - San Lorenzo21X23.403.40WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Hungary - SwitzerlandBTTS YESBTTS1.951.95WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Hungary - SwitzerlandX1X2Draw3.103.10WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Italy - Albania11X2banker1.401.40WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Italy - AlbaniaUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51.801.80WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Italy - Albania1 to nilWin to nil2.002.00WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Spain - CroatiaBTTS NOBTTS1.931.93WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Spain - CroatiaUnder 1.5Under/Over 1.5bomb3.303.30WeekendToday
15-JunFootballInternationalArgentina - GuatemalaUnder 3.5Under/Over 3.51.651.65WeekendToday
15-JunFootballInternationalColombia - Bolivia11X22.302.30WeekendToday
15-JunFootballInternationalColombia - Bolivia1/1HT/FT3.003.00WeekendToday
15-JunFootballSpain SegundaEibar - OviedoOver 3.5Under/Over 3.53.903.90WeekendToday
16-JunFootballEuro 2024Poland - NetherlandsUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51.901.90WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballEuro 2024Poland - NetherlandsX1X2Draw4.104.10WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballEuro 2024Serbia - EnglandBTTS YESBTTS1.951.95WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballEuro 2024Serbia - England21X21.501.50WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballEuro 2024Slovenia - DenmarkUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51.751.75WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballEuro 2024Slovenia - Denmark21X21.781.78WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballSweden 2Helsingborgs - OrebroX1X2Draw3.303.30WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballSweden 2Osters - Ostersunds11X2banker1.551.55WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballSweden 2Sandviken - Oddevold11X22.102.10WeekendTomorrow
16-JunTennisLibema OpenJordan Thompsonwinnerwinnerbomb15.0015.00WeekendTomorrow
16-JunTennisLibema OpenRinky Hijikatawinnerwinnerbomb80.0080.00WeekendTomorrow
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Austria - FranceOver 3.5Under/Over 3.52.602.60weekdayUpcoming
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Austria - FranceBTTS YESBTTS1.801.80weekdayUpcoming
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Belgium - Slovakia11X21.501.50weekdayUpcoming
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Belgium - Slovakia1 to nilWin to nil2.402.40weekdayUpcoming
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Belgium - SlovakiaOver 3.5Under/Over 3.52.602.60weekdayUpcoming
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Romania - UkraineX1X2Draw3.203.20weekdayUpcoming
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Romania - UkraineUnder 3.5Under/Over
18-JunFootballEuro 2024Portugal - Czech Republic11X21.551.55weekdayUpcoming
18-JunFootballEuro 2024Portugal - Czech RepublicOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51.851.85weekdayUpcoming
18-JunFootballEuro 2024Portugal - Czech RepublicBTTS YESBTTS2.002.00weekdayUpcoming
18-JunFootballEuro 2024Turkey - Georgia11X2banker1.701.70weekdayUpcoming
18-JunFootballEuro 2024Turkey - Georgia1 (-1)Handicap3.203.20weekdayUpcoming
20-JuneSportsSCIIDRG - Dark21X21.301.30weekdayUpcoming
20-JuneSportsSCIIherO - Creator11X21.151.15weekdayUpcoming
21-JunFootballCopa AmericaArgentina - Canada11X2banker1.351.35weekdayUpcoming
21-JunFootballCopa AmericaArgentina - Canada1 to nil1X22.002.00weekdayUpcoming
24-JunFootballCopa AmericaUruguay - PanamaOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51.801.80weekday1Upcoming
24-JunFootballCopa AmericaUruguay - Panama11X2banker1.251.25weekday1Upcoming
24-JunFootballCopa AmericaUSA - Bolivia11X2banker1.351.35weekday1Upcoming
29-JunCricketT20 World CupSouth Africawinnerwinner2.202.20Dayweek1Upcoming
13-JulTennisWimbledonOns Jabeurwinnerwinner2.202.20Dayweek1Upcoming
14-JulFootballCopa AmericaBrazilwinnerwinner3.503.50Dayweek1Upcoming
14-JulFootballEuro 2024Englandwinnerwinner4.254.25Dayweek1Upcoming
14-JulFootballEuro 2024Francewinnerwinner4.504.50Dayweek1Upcoming
14-JulFootballEuro 2024Germanywinnerwinner7.007.00Dayweek1Upcoming
14-JulFootballEuro 2024Kylian Mbappegolden bootwinner6.506.50Dayweek1Upcoming
14-JulFootballEuro 2024Portugalwinnerwinnerbomb10.0010.00Dayweek1Upcoming
7-AugeSportsLoLKwangdong Freecs - KT Rolster11X2BETweekday1Upcoming
16-AugeSportsLoLGen.G - Nongshim Red Force1 (-1.5)HandicapBETweekday1Upcoming
8-DecFormula 1Formula 1Max VerstappenwinnerwinnerBETDayweek1Upcoming
8-DecFormula 1Formula 1Mercedeswinner (w/o Red Bull)winner3.503.50Dayweek1Upcoming

MrBet247 was founded in 2018 and after a long trip around the world found its safe haven. MrBet247 has an ambition to become a large betting community and a site offering the best betting tips, predictions as well as casino tips and strategies. 

We are an independent site, not tied to any specific online bookmaker and/or casino. We try to partner only the best and trustworthy entertainment establishments, only the best bookmakers and top casinos holding valid licenses. 

Here you will find a lot of betting tips and predictions every day. And note that all those betting daily tips 247 are completely free! 

Bet of the day: Free betting tips and predictions

From 2018 our goal is to offer free tips and predictions for our visitors. Usually similar services require subscriptions of some kind, but we believe in a model where content is available to as many people as possible. This way we charge the betting companies to cover our expenses and pay our betting experts who offer their betting tips for free. This means that you can also contribute in this community, either as a tipster, either by commenting, or sharing our daily tips 247 with your friends, or taking part in our competitions.

Make sure to verify the odds at our chosen bookmakers, including the best bookmakers! MrBet247 serves as your ideal companion in online entertainment and may be recognized as the most precise and best prediction site! Explore free tips and predictions across various betting markets right here:

In the above list you won’t find just football tips, but also free predictions on Basketball, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Horse Racing, American Football, Handball, eSports, Formula 1, and Greyhound Racing.

Where to bet online – Picking the best bookmaker

Selecting the right online bookmaker is crucial in the competitive sports betting industry. To secure a top position among the best bookmakers, these platforms must excel in various quality features. Our evaluation considers essential criteria to determine the top betting sites:

  1. Security, Safety, and Licensing: Ensuring a secure and safe betting environment is paramount. Licensing is a key indicator of a platform’s credibility.
  2. Range of Betting Options and Sports Markets: The diversity of betting options and available sports markets contribute to the overall appeal of a bookmaker.
  3. Innovative Betting Functions: Cutting-edge and innovative betting functions enhance the overall user experience.
  4. Convincing Live Betting: A robust live betting platform adds excitement and engagement, enhancing the overall betting experience.
  5. Live Streaming: Live streaming services contribute significantly to the attractiveness of a betting platform.
  6. Attractive Odds: Competitive odds play a vital role in attracting bettors. The better the odds, the more appealing the platform.
  7. Professional Customer Service: A responsive and professional customer service team is crucial for addressing user queries and concerns.
  8. Payment Options & Fast, Fee-Free Payments: A variety of payment options and efficient, fee-free transactions are essential for user convenience.
  9. Attractive Bonus on Fair Terms: Generous bonuses with fair terms contribute to the overall attractiveness of a bookmaker.
  10. User-Friendly Website and Mobile App: An intuitive and user-friendly interface, both on the website and mobile app, enhances the overall user experience.

Prioritizing security, licensing, and a comprehensive set of features ensures that users can trust the selected bookmakers for a safe and enjoyable betting experience.

The best welcome offers! Grab your free bet and your welcome bonus

Discover the finest welcome offers! Seize your complimentary bet and embrace your welcome bonus as virtually all betting providers extend a warm welcome to new users. Take advantage of this opportunity where the majority of bookmakers commonly employ match bonuses, specifically deposit bonuses. For instance, upon making a deposit, the sports betting provider matches the deposited amount, effectively doubling your account balance through a 100% deposit bonus. This additional sum provides flexibility in shaping a more conservative and long-term sports betting strategy.

Crucially, the fairness of bonus terms and conditions is paramount. Thoroughly review the rules outlined in the T&C’s section, paying close attention to wagering requirements (often referred to as rollover or playthrough requirements) and the stipulated minimum odds. Ensure that these requirements align with your betting system before accepting and activating the bonus. Explore detailed information on wagering requirements by clicking here!

Strategy leads to success – How to use free betting tips

To ensure lasting success with your sports free betting tips, it’s crucial to consider the following two aspects:

  • Money Management: Playing our free betting daily tips 247 with the right stakes is paramount. This necessitates an individualized money management approach based on your betting balance. It’s not just any money management strategy but a sound one that matters. A fundamental guideline is to wager approximately five percent of your capital on each bet. Those employing higher amounts are taking unnecessary risks.
  • Long-term Betting System: Your actual betting strategy relies on this conservative and prudent money management. The objective is to secure consistent profits over the medium and long term. Select a strategy, such as the draw system, and stick to it. Don’t be disheartened by short-term losses. The effectiveness of your chosen sports betting strategy becomes apparent after a few weeks, and sometimes even months.

While many users may experience initial success with their early free betting tips, it’s essential to recognize that beginners’ luck is widespread in sports betting. Placing a few bets doesn’t instantly confer expertise. Caution and patience are key as you progress through various stages of your betting journey.

Betting history through the ages: From ancient Greece to the modern day

Betting has been intertwined with the fabric of sports since time immemorial, adding an extra layer of excitement by putting a stake in the outcome. The roots of sports betting extend almost as far back as the origins of sports themselves. Over 2,000 years ago, the ancient Greeks, known for their fervor for sports, introduced the world to the Olympic Games. Alongside this sporting spectacle, the earliest records of betting on athletic competitions emerged. The Romans further fueled this passion by legalizing betting on gladiatorial contests, marking the initial chapters of a betting history that has persisted through the ages, evolving with the advent of online and mobile betting in the modern era.

A Journey Through Ancient Practices: Dice in Mesopotamia and Gambling Houses in China

While sports betting has a rich history, the broader realm of gambling traces back even further. In Mesopotamia around 3000 BC, the earliest six-sided dice were crafted, with their origins rooted in astragali dating back thousands of years earlier. The allure of chance and risk-taking is evident in these ancient dice, serving as precursors to the complex world of modern gambling. Meanwhile, in the first millennium BC, gambling houses flourished in China, showcasing the enduring human inclination for games of chance. Betting on competitions involving fighting animals became a commonplace practice, exemplifying the diverse forms that betting has taken across different cultures and epochs.

Football Betting Strategies: Free Tips and Tricks

Mastering the game of football betting requires more than just luck—it demands a strategic approach and a keen understanding of the nuances that shape the outcomes of matches. In the following section, we’ve compiled a set of invaluable tips and tricks that can elevate your football betting game. While our insights serve as a guide, conducting your own analysis is pivotal for informed decision-making.

Single Bets for Strategic Advantage

Single Bets Focus: Concentrate on solo tips. Assessing a single match is inherently more manageable than navigating a series of diverse encounters. Additional selections on a ticket introduce additional risks. Betting professionals often advocate for single bets, as they yield smaller odds but promise higher profits in the long run.

Combo Bets with Caution: While combining two or three selections as a combo bet is permissible, employing a system adds an extra layer of protection to your betting strategy.

Navigating Beyond Favorites

Avoid favorites: While top teams tend to secure victories, exclusively betting on favorites is a flawed strategy. The odds on favorites are often unfavorable, and the risk of unexpected upsets looms large. A balanced approach that involves top teams judiciously yields better long-term results.

Live Betting: A Thrill with Caution

  • Small Stakes in Live Betting: The allure of live betting is undeniable, injecting real-time excitement and adrenaline. However, it is not integral to a sound betting strategy. Live-betting decisions demand quick thinking without the luxury of a preliminary analysis. To mitigate errors and lost bets, play live bets in parallel to your primary strategy with minimal stakes.
  • Objective Perspective: Detaching from Favourites
  • Avoid Betting on Favourites: Emotional bias often clouds judgment when betting on one’s favorite team. For clear-headed decision-making, it’s advisable to steer clear of placing wagers on your beloved squad.

Smart Betting: Odds and Variations

Compare Odds: Before each betting endeavor, compare the odds offered by different bookmakers. Even slight variations can translate into significant gains over the long term. Register with multiple betting providers to leverage these fluctuations.

Coping with Loss and Frustration

No Frustration Bets: Accepting losses is an integral part of sports betting. Resist the temptation to chase losses through frustration bets, as this only compounds the negative impact on your bankroll.

Steering Clear of Mathematical Systems

Avoid Mathematical Systems: While mathematics has a place in sports betting, relying on mathematical systems, such as the Martingale strategy, is ill-advised. Betting is not purely a game of luck, and success demands a combination of knowledge and strategic decision-making.

Derby Dynamics and Weather Watch

Derby Motivation: Derbies are unique, transcending recent form and statistics. When arch-enemies clash, the motivation factor overrides conventional metrics, making derbies an unpredictable spectacle.

Weather Impact: Weather conditions significantly influence football outcomes. Bad weather favors physically superior teams, often leading to unexpected upsets. Factor in weather and pitch conditions while assessing favorites.

These tips serve as a compass in the dynamic landscape of football betting. While the strategies outlined here can enhance your approach, remember that individual analysis and a well-informed perspective are your strongest allies in navigating the unpredictable world of sports betting. As the iGaming industry evolves, Betandslots aims to be a trusted source of information, providing authentic news, reports, and reviews to keep you abreast of the latest developments.

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Conclusion and Bet of the Day Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Of course, you can use all of our free betting daily tips 247 with the betting strategy you’ve chosen. You can be sure that we did a lot of research in order to develop our predictions. We don’t just give you a betting tip; we look at every free prediction in great depth. Still, if we were always right, games would not be fun. You can choose to follow our forecasts or not. This is the true betting spirit! 

The internet has revolutionized sports betting, making it more popular and accessible than ever. Online platforms offer the convenience of placing bets from any location, on any device, with a plethora of options beyond traditional sports.

Unless restricted by local laws, online betting opens the door to a vast array of sports. From college football and NBA games to TV shows like Game of Thrones, and even events like the Super Bowl or UFC fights, the options are extensive.

While online betting is widely accepted, legal status varies by country. Ensure you’re familiar with the regulations in your location to comply with the law.

Online betting provides unparalleled convenience. Place bets, compare odds, and follow live events—all from the comfort of your living room. The flexibility of online platforms caters to the modern bettor’s lifestyle.

Online, the possibilities are vast. You can bet on traditional sports, entertainment shows, political outcomes, eSports, and much more. The diversity of events ensures a thrilling and varied betting experience.

Reputable online betting sites adhere to stringent regulations and prioritize the security of users. Here at MrBet247 we choose for you well-established platforms with positive reviews to ensure a trustworthy betting experience.