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This privacy policy consists of several parts. Each part is equally important, so we encourage you to read everything carefully before you consent to the processing of your personal data.

What information is contained in this privacy policy?

  • Introduction
  • Data controllers and the data subject
  • Data we process
  • Identification data
  • Interests and habits
  • Content you create
  • Legal basis for processing your data
  • Our use of cookies
  • How we protect your data
  • Your rights
  • How long we keep your data
  • Who can access your data
  • Transfer of data to third countries


A user (you) can share information and opinions about sports matches, look for tips, participate in various competitions, see statistics for matches, read reviews about betting companies and other information about sports betting (services). More about our services is available in our Terms and Conditions. When you use our services, much of your information may be shared with us or third parties.

This privacy policy is important for you to understand how your personal data is collected, used, consulted or otherwise processed when you use Personal data is any information about you that can be used to identify you, or make it possible to identify you. The privacy policy applies to the processing of your personal data on, and not to data that may appear on other services or websites, regardless of whether they are provided by the owner of MrBet247com or someone else.

This privacy policy applies from July 1, 2019. This privacy policy may change from time to time.


Important changes are those that affect your rights, obligations and permissions regarding the protection and processing of your personal data. The important changes may include (but are not limited to) the launch of new services, the development of new technologies and the processing of your data for new purposes. Therefore, if we make material changes to the Privacy Policy, we will notify you through our Services, or otherwise, and give you the opportunity to review the changes before they become active. You will be asked to approve the processing of your personal data in accordance with the updated privacy policy. If you do not agree to this, you will not be able to use your account and services for registered users.

Additionally, from time to time we make minor changes to the Privacy Policy. Minor changes do not affect your rights, obligations and permissions regarding the protection of personal data. These types of changes may include (but are not limited to) organizational and grammatical changes to this Privacy Policy to make our policy easier to read. The fact that you continue to use our Services after we have published the updated privacy policy with only minor changes means that the processing of your personal data is subject to the updated privacy policy with only minor changes.

Personal data controller and data subjects

By using’s services, you can disclose various pieces of information, including those that can be considered personal data. When your personal data is processed, you are considered registered, and you then have the right to exercise your rights according to the EU data protection law, as well as what is explained in this privacy policy. Considering that we determine the purposes and methods of processing the personal data on MrBet 247, we are considered by law to be the personal data controller for your personal data on this Website. Being a data controller gives us the opportunity to process your personal data, but also obliges us to process it in the manner regulated by EU data protection law, in particular by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, and this privacy policy).

Data we process

We process (or may process) different categories of your data. We collect and process data about you when you register and use our services. Also we process your personal data to offer our services to you, to improve your experience of our services, to develop our services in the future and to secure and maintain the regular functioning of

Below you can find information about which data we process, their categorization and also the purpose of the processing.

Identification data

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

When you create an account at, we process your email and username. The processing of this information distinguishes you from other MrBet 247 users. Also, your email address is used so that we can communicate with you regarding any changes to your account or our services, also for commercial communications if you have agreed to receive this. By entering your email address, you can choose to receive newsletters, you can choose to enter additional information about yourself, such as your real name, surname, phone number and age. 

This information can contribute to the personalization of your user account. If you decide to participate in the competition organized by us, we may process your email address and username. The processing of this data is necessary for authentication purposes (registration in the competition) and to distinguish the participants from each other. Email addresses will also be processed to contact the winner of the competition. Usernames may also be processed to post winner information on our website. 

Please note that we are required to publicly announce the winner of the competition. If you win one of our competitions and are eligible for a prize, you may be asked to send us your first and last name, telephone number, postal address and a copy of your ID so that we can verify your identity and transfer the prize to you. 

Electronic identification data

When you log in to, we process your IP address of the device you are using, the type and version of the browser and also the operating system you are using at the time of the login. We process the IP address of the device you use to enable communication between your device and our server: to estimate your approximate geolocation which can be used for future customization of services (for example to offer content for your choice of language and game-related content that is legal in your country), as well as for analytical and security purposes. You can find more about how we process your information for analytical purposes in our Cookie Policy.

The processing of details about the browser and operating system you use is necessary to ensure the regular provision of our services to you. Also, sometimes we will need this information to solve some technical problems if they arise.

Interests and habits

Participation in a competition – From time to time, you may participate in a competition that we organize. We need to process information about your participation in a competition, in order to evaluate your answers and determine the winners. We also produce statistics about the success of your gaming activities.

Social media accounts – Social media accounts – We may decide to disclose your social media accounts through your personal account on You can do this to customize your account as well as to share content that you publish on your social media accounts.

Settings – You can enter information about your favorite sport and/or practitioner. It serves to personalize your account. We may use the information to recognize your preferences and decide on customized content that will be published.

Content you create

You can participate in discussions in forums by creating new threads, posting comments and replying to comments from other users. We process the information about the content that you create on our website, so that we can enable interaction and communication between users, either through discussions in forums or comments.

Legal basis for processing your data

We can process your personal information with the help of your consent. If necessary, you will be asked to give your consent.

We also have a legitimate interest in using your information – for example to provide and update our website, to improve our website so that we can offer you an even better user experience, to protect the website, to communicate with you, to to measure, track, and improve the effectiveness of available advertising, and better understand user retention and attrition, to monitor and prevent potential problems with our Services, and to personalize your experience.

Some of your data may also be necessary to process to fulfill mandatory legal obligations.

Our use of cookies

All browsers that visit our website will receive cookies from us. We use cookies because we wish to offer the best possible on-site experience to all visitors to our website.

Through the use of cookies, we process standard log information on the Internet and details about the behavior patterns of the Website’s visitors. The use gives us the opportunity to improve the navigation of the website, analysis of on-site behavior of everyone who visits the website, marketing of our products and providing content from third parties. To find out more about our use of cookies, read our Cookie Policy.

How we protect your information

We do not collect personal information in an excessive manner. We only process information that we really need and only for agreed purposes. Also we tend to keep your information up to date and store it securely. We do not process your information for longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the information is processed.

We use technical and organizational measures in accordance with good industry practice to secure your information. Thus, we take technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of your personal data against accidental or unlawful loss, alteration, theft, unauthorized disclosure or access, unauthorized use and all other forms of unlawful processing.

We apply different levels of access control to your information. The limitation of access control is based on business needs and security requirements. We assure you that only authorized persons have access to your information, whose knowledge and skill about the information is necessary to fulfill their obligations arising out of or in connection with their jobs.

Your rights

  • Request access to your personal data;
  • Request correction or deletion of your personal data;
  • Object to our use and processing of your personal data, including objections to automated decision-making including profiling;
  • Request that we limit our use and processing of your personal data; and
  • Request portability of your personal data.

If you have any questions or wonder how to access, correct or delete your personal data, please contact us via mail

If you feel that your personal data rights have been violated, you have the right to file a complaint with your local data protection authority. The relevant data protection authority in EU Member States can be determined either by your domicile or the place where the alleged breach occurred.

How long we keep your data

We keep your data until you delete your account on When you delete your account, we delete your personal data. Please note that we will not delete content and related information if we have intellectual property rights over it.

Who can access your data

We may share your data with third parties. The third parties are categorized as follows:

  • Entities that help us regularly provide and further develop our services (eg analysis, maintenance, marketing, development). They have the right to process your information as is reasonably necessary to perform assigned tasks. Please note that only we determine the purpose and means of processing your data as well as we determine which data will be processed to assigned tasks.
  • With public authorities where it is necessary and where we are required or permitted to do so by law.
  • Third parties accessing our API, which may display your tips, username, avatar, rating, success of your tip and country

Transfer of your data to third countries

We may share your personal data outside the European Economic Area to provide our services on a regular basis and/or to further develop our services. We take all measures in relation to the recipients of your personal data, to ensure an adequate level of protection and appropriate safeguards as defined in the applicable data protection law and in particular the GDPR is implemented.

Your personal data may be transferred to the recipient in countries that the European Commission considers to have an adequate level of protection. You can find out more about countries with an adequate level of protection here.

We will enter into data protection agreements where necessary with recipients of your data which include standard contractual clauses issued by the European Commission which would oblige the data recipient to provide an adequate level of protection and implement appropriate safeguards as defined in the applicable data protection law and in particular the GDPR, in relation to the processing of your personal data .

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