The stage is set for cycling’s grandest spectacle as the 107th edition of the Giro d’ Italia, the first Grand Tour of the year, prepares to kick off this Saturday 4th May 2024. With 192 riders across 24 teams geared up to tackle 3345.6 kilometers over 21 stages, anticipation is high for a thrilling showcase of endurance and skill. Here you will find our best tips and predictions for the 107th edition of the Giro d’ Italia cycling tour.

The 107th installment of this prestigious race is set to kick off in Turin on May 4th, culminating in Rome on the 26th. Dubbed the ‘Corsa Rosa’, this year’s edition spans a total of 3,162.2 kilometers, featuring 42 mountain passes and 2 days dedicated to time trials covering 68 kilometers in total. The route has been meticulously crafted to cater to time trial specialists, with a deliberate reduction in both the severity of terrain and overall distance.

Giro d’Italia tips, picks and predictions

DateSportCompetitionMatchPredictionBet TypeOdds
9-JunFootballInternationalFrance - CanadaOver 3.5Under/Over 3.52.402.40WeekendPrevious
9-JunFootballInternationalFrance - Canada1 (-1)Handicap1.901.90WeekendPrevious
9-JunFootballInternationalItaly - Bosnia11X21.301.30WeekendPrevious
9-JunFootballInternationalItaly - BosniaOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51.801.80WeekendPrevious
9-JunFootballInternationalMontenegro - GeorgiaUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51.701.70WeekendPrevious
9-JunFootballInternationalSlovakia - Wales11X22.152.15WeekendPrevious
9-JunFootballInternationalSlovakia - WalesUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51.651.65WeekendPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalArgentina - Ecuador11X21.551.55weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalCzech Republic - North Macedonia11X2banker1.551.55weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalCzech Republic - North MacedoniaOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51.851.85weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalNetherlands - Iceland1 to nilWin to nil1.851.85weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalNetherlands - Iceland11X2banker1.201.20weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalNetherlands - Iceland2-0, 3-0Correct Scorebomb6.506.50weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalPoland - Turkey11X22.452.45weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalPoland - TurkeyUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51.701.70weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalPoland - Turkey1-0, 1-1Correct Scorebomb7.007.00weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballWorld Cup 2026 qual.Ghana - Central African Republic11X2banker1.301.30weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballWorld Cup 2026 qual.Montserrat - Panama0-3, 1-3Correct Scorebomb14.0014.00weekdayPrevious
10-JunHorse RacingLingfield15:35 - Hul ah Bah Looplaceplace6.006.00weekdayPrevious
10-JunHorse RacingRoscommon17:18 - Horntzau D'airyplaceplace2.002.00weekdayPrevious
10-JunHorse RacingRoscommon17:48 - Born By The Seaplaceplacebomb15.0015.00weekdayPrevious
10-JunHorse RacingRoscommon19:48 - Monbeg Parkplaceplacebomb8.008.00weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballInternationalAzerbaijan - Kazakhstan2/XHT/FTbomb5.005.00weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballInternationalChile - ParaguayX/1HT/FTbomb5.005.00weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballInternationalMoldova - Ukraine21X21.551.55weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballInternationalMoldova - UkraineUnder 1.5Under/Over 1.5bomb4.004.00weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballInternationalPortugal - Ireland11X21.301.30weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballInternationalSan Marino - Cyprus2/2HT/FT1.801.80weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballWorld Cup 2026 qual.Australia - Palestine1/1HT/FT1.801.80weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballWorld Cup 2026 qual.Congo - Morocco2/2HT/FT1.601.60weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballWorld Cup 2026 qual.Japan - Syria1/1HT/FT5.005.00weekdayPrevious
12-JuneSportsCS:GOTeam Spirit - G211X21.301.30weekdayPrevious
12-JuneSportsCS:GOVitality - Virtus.pro11X21.401.40weekdayPrevious
12-JuneSportsLoLHanwha Life - Dplus KIA11X21.351.35weekdayPrevious
12-JunFootballBrazil Serie ABotafogo - FluminenseBTTS NOBTTS2.102.10weekdayPrevious
12-JunFootballBrazil Serie ABotafogo - Fluminense11X22.052.05weekdayPrevious
13-JuneSportsLoLBRION -0 DRXOver 2.5Under/Over 2.5BETweekdayPrevious
13-JuneSportsLoLNongshim Red Force - FearX21X21.501.50weekdayPrevious
13-JuneSportsSCIICure - ByuN21X22.252.25weekdayPrevious
13-JuneSportsSCIIMaru - soO11X21.101.10weekdayPrevious
13-JunFootballInternationalEcuador - Bolivia11X21.301.30weekdayPrevious
13-JunFootballInternationalUSA - Brazil21X21.551.55weekdayPrevious
13-JunFootballSpain SegundaEspanyol - Sporting Gijon11X21.801.80weekdayPrevious
13-JunFootballSpain SegundaEspanyol - Sporting GijonOver 2.5Under/Over 2.52.402.40weekdayPrevious
14-JuneSportsLoLT1 - Nongshim Red Force1 (-1.5)Handicap1.401.40weekdayPrevious
14-JunFootballArgentinaBoca Juniors - Velez SarsfieldX1X2Draw3.203.20weekdayPrevious
14-JunFootballBrazil Serie AFlamengo - Gremio11X2banker1.501.50weekdayPrevious
14-JunFootballBrazil Serie AInternational - Sao PauloBTTS YESBTTS2.052.05weekdayPrevious
14-JunFootballBrazil Serie AInternational - Sao PauloOver 2.5Under/Over 2.52.502.50weekdayPrevious
14-JunFootballEuro 2024Germany - Scotland1 to nilWin to nil1.801.80weekdayPrevious
14-JunFootballEuro 2024Germany - Scotland11X21.301.30weekdayPrevious
15-JunFootballArgentinaUnion - San Lorenzo21X23.403.40WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Hungary - SwitzerlandBTTS YESBTTS1.951.95WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Hungary - SwitzerlandX1X2Draw3.103.10WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Italy - Albania11X2banker1.401.40WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Italy - AlbaniaUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51.801.80WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Italy - Albania1 to nilWin to nil2.002.00WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Spain - CroatiaBTTS NOBTTS1.931.93WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Spain - CroatiaUnder 1.5Under/Over 1.5bomb3.303.30WeekendToday
15-JunFootballInternationalArgentina - GuatemalaUnder 3.5Under/Over 3.51.651.65WeekendToday
15-JunFootballInternationalColombia - Bolivia11X22.302.30WeekendToday
15-JunFootballInternationalColombia - Bolivia1/1HT/FT3.003.00WeekendToday
15-JunFootballSpain SegundaEibar - OviedoOver 3.5Under/Over 3.53.903.90WeekendToday
16-JunFootballEuro 2024Poland - NetherlandsUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51.901.90WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballEuro 2024Poland - NetherlandsX1X2Draw4.104.10WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballEuro 2024Serbia - EnglandBTTS YESBTTS1.951.95WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballEuro 2024Serbia - England21X21.501.50WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballEuro 2024Slovenia - DenmarkUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51.751.75WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballEuro 2024Slovenia - Denmark21X21.781.78WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballSweden 2Helsingborgs - OrebroX1X2Draw3.303.30WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballSweden 2Osters - Ostersunds11X2banker1.551.55WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballSweden 2Sandviken - Oddevold11X22.102.10WeekendTomorrow
16-JunTennisLibema OpenJordan Thompsonwinnerwinnerbomb15.0015.00WeekendTomorrow
16-JunTennisLibema OpenRinky Hijikatawinnerwinnerbomb80.0080.00WeekendTomorrow
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Austria - FranceOver 3.5Under/Over 3.52.602.60weekdayUpcoming
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Austria - FranceBTTS YESBTTS1.801.80weekdayUpcoming
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Belgium - Slovakia11X21.501.50weekdayUpcoming
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Belgium - Slovakia1 to nilWin to nil2.402.40weekdayUpcoming
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Belgium - SlovakiaOver 3.5Under/Over 3.52.602.60weekdayUpcoming
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Romania - UkraineX1X2Draw3.203.20weekdayUpcoming
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Romania - UkraineUnder 3.5Under/Over
18-JunFootballEuro 2024Portugal - Czech Republic11X21.551.55weekdayUpcoming
18-JunFootballEuro 2024Portugal - Czech RepublicOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51.851.85weekdayUpcoming
18-JunFootballEuro 2024Portugal - Czech RepublicBTTS YESBTTS2.002.00weekdayUpcoming
18-JunFootballEuro 2024Turkey - Georgia11X2banker1.701.70weekdayUpcoming
18-JunFootballEuro 2024Turkey - Georgia1 (-1)Handicap3.203.20weekdayUpcoming
20-JuneSportsSCIIDRG - Dark21X21.301.30weekdayUpcoming
20-JuneSportsSCIIherO - Creator11X21.151.15weekdayUpcoming
21-JunFootballCopa AmericaArgentina - Canada11X2banker1.351.35weekdayUpcoming
21-JunFootballCopa AmericaArgentina - Canada1 to nil1X22.002.00weekdayUpcoming
24-JunFootballCopa AmericaUruguay - PanamaOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51.801.80weekday1Upcoming
24-JunFootballCopa AmericaUruguay - Panama11X2banker1.251.25weekday1Upcoming
24-JunFootballCopa AmericaUSA - Bolivia11X2banker1.351.35weekday1Upcoming
29-JunCricketT20 World CupSouth Africawinnerwinner2.202.20Dayweek1Upcoming
13-JulTennisWimbledonOns Jabeurwinnerwinner2.202.20Dayweek1Upcoming
14-JulFootballCopa AmericaBrazilwinnerwinner3.503.50Dayweek1Upcoming
14-JulFootballEuro 2024Englandwinnerwinner4.254.25Dayweek1Upcoming
14-JulFootballEuro 2024Francewinnerwinner4.504.50Dayweek1Upcoming
14-JulFootballEuro 2024Germanywinnerwinner7.007.00Dayweek1Upcoming
14-JulFootballEuro 2024Kylian Mbappegolden bootwinner6.506.50Dayweek1Upcoming
14-JulFootballEuro 2024Portugalwinnerwinnerbomb10.0010.00Dayweek1Upcoming
7-AugeSportsLoLKwangdong Freecs - KT Rolster11X2BETweekday1Upcoming
16-AugeSportsLoLGen.G - Nongshim Red Force1 (-1.5)HandicapBETweekday1Upcoming
8-DecFormula 1Formula 1Max VerstappenwinnerwinnerBETDayweek1Upcoming
8-DecFormula 1Formula 1Mercedeswinner (w/o Red Bull)winner3.503.50Dayweek1Upcoming

Key Highlights

The journey ahead promises a diverse array of challenges, from individual time trials to grueling mountain stages, ensuring a test of every rider’s mettle. Among the contenders, all eyes are on Slovenian sensation Tadej Pogacar, whose recent dominance on the roads has made him the favorite to conquer the Giro d’ Italia at his first attempt.

Highlighted by six high-altitude finishes at Oropa, Prati di Tivo, Cusano Mutri, Mottolino, Monte Pana, and Brocon, along with two additional challenging mountain stages at Sappada and Bassano del Grappa, the course promises to test the mettle of even the most seasoned riders.

For the fourth occasion in its storied history, the Corsa Rosa will commence from Piedmont, specifically, Venaria Reale. The starting date, May 4, 2024, holds significant historical resonance, coinciding with the tragic anniversary of the Torino football club plane crash. The club, presently chaired by Urbano Cairo, boasts a formidable legacy, having secured five league titles during the 1940s. The Superga Tragedy, as the crash came to be known, claimed the lives of 31 individuals, including 18 players, when the Torino plane tragically crashed into the Basilica of Superga in Turin on May 4, 1949. As the Giro sets off, it marks the solemn commemoration of 75 years since the heart-wrenching event, accompanied by the unveiling of a special jersey in honor of the occasion.

While the course may seem tailor-made for the likes of Pogacar, formidable adversaries await, ensuring a fiercely competitive and captivating spectacle for cycling enthusiasts worldwide.

Fierce Competition

While Pogacar commands attention with his formidable presence, seasoned veterans like Geraint Thomas of INEOS Grenadiers and rising stars like Romain Bardet and Ben O’Connor are poised to make their mark on the race. With experience, ambition, and talent in abundance, the battle for supremacy promises to be nothing short of electrifying.

Underdogs to Watch

As the contenders vie for glory, several underdogs are primed to shake up the standings. From Groupama-FDJ’s Laurence Pithie, showcasing his versatility and tenacity, to INEOS Grenadiers’ Thymen Arensman, eyeing the Young Rider Classification, and Tudor Pro Cycling’s Michael Storer, seeking to etch his name in history as a stage winner, the field is brimming with potential.

Giro d’Italia History: Riding Through the Annals of Time

Before we zoom into the present, let’s take a quick pit stop in the past to appreciate the rich history of the Giro d’Italia. Born in 1909, this iconic race has witnessed legends of the sport etch their names into cycling lore. From the breathtaking climbs of the Dolomites to the thrilling sprints in the streets of Milan, the Giro is a true test of endurance, strategy, and sheer willpower. With iconic winners like Eddy Merckx, Fausto Coppi, and Gino Bartali, the Giro d’Italia has earned its status as one of cycling’s crown jewels.

Best Tips and Betting Strategies on Cycling: Winning the Race Within the Race

Now, let’s shift gears and talk strategy. When it comes to betting on cycling, knowledge is power. Here are some tried-and-true tips to help you navigate the twists and turns of the Giro d’Italia:

1. Know the Course: Familiarize yourself with the route and terrain of each stage. From flat sprints to mountain ascents, understanding the challenges ahead will give you a competitive edge.

2. Study the Form: Keep an eye on rider form and recent performances. Look for contenders who are in peak condition and have a history of success in similar race profiles.

3. Watch the Weather: Weather conditions can play a significant role in cycling races. Be prepared to adjust your predictions based on forecasts for wind, rain, or extreme temperatures.

4. Consider Team Dynamics: Cycling is a team sport, and strong team support can make all the difference. Pay attention to team strategies, support riders, and alliances on the road.

5. Factor in Experience: Experience counts in Grand Tours like the Giro d’Italia. Riders who have navigated the highs and lows of multi-stage races before may have an advantage when the going gets tough.

Pedal Power and Podium Predictions for 2024: Who Will Wear the Maglia Rosa?

Now, let’s turn our attention to the burning question on every cycling fan’s mind: Who will emerge victorious in this year’s Giro d’Italia? While the road to the podium is paved with uncertainty, a few contenders stand out as frontrunners for the coveted Maglia Rosa:

1. Tadej Pogacar (Slovenia, UAE TEAM EMIRATES, 25 years)

The Slovenian sensation has been on a tear in recent years, with back-to-back Tour de France victories under his belt. With his explosive climbing abilities and unrivaled time trial prowess, Pogacar is a force to be reckoned with on any terrain.

Two Tour de France (2020, 2021), Paris Nice (2023), two Tirreno-Adriatico (2021, 2022), two Strade Bianche (2022 and 2024), one Tour of Flanders (2023), one Amstel Gold Race (2023), a Walloon Fleche (2023), a Liège-Bastogne-Liège (2021), three Giro de Lombardia (2021, 2022 and 2023), two UAE Tours (2021 and 2022), Volta a Catalunya (2024) and now, in his endeavor From making history by winning everything, the phenomenon comes to win its first Giro D’Italia. Nothing more to add. Welcome to the Tadej show.

2. Geraint Thomas (British, INEOS GRENADIERS, 37 years)

The seasoned Welshman knows what it takes to win Grand Tours, having claimed victory in the Tour de France in 2018. With a strong supporting cast from INEOS Grenadiers and a knack for navigating the mountains, Thomas is a formidable contender for the top step of the podium.

The Briton had a sensational Giro d’Italia in 2023. He lost the pink to Roglic in the famous Lussari time trial after holding on as leader throughout the Dolomite week. Now he wants to continue shining in grand tours as he has done in recent seasons. Gone are the bottles that you step on at a neutralized start or the motorcycle runs over you and sends you home… G Thomas returns to the Giro d’Italia to win.

3. Romain Bardet (France, DSM-Firmenich-PostNL, 33 years)

The Frenchman has proven himself as a versatile rider with a knack for stage wins in Grand Tours. With strong performances in recent classics and a fifth-place finish at the Tour of the Alps, Bardet could be a dark horse for the overall title.

Romain Bardet, representing DSM-Firmenich-PostNL, is known for his unpredictable performances. However, placing confidence in the enigmatic Frenchman could pay off handsomely this time around. Bardet is currently displaying excellent form, and the strategic placement of many of the Giro’s challenging ascents in the final week could play to his advantage. This scenario becomes particularly promising if Pogacar establishes a significant lead in the General Classification by that stage, allowing Bardet the freedom to aggressively pursue points without restraint.

4. Nairo Quintana (Colombia, MOVISTAR TEAM, 34 years)

Winner of the 2014 edition, the Giro d’Italia is the Colombian’s first major objective on his return to Movistar. After a first season marked by falls and illnesses, Nairo has prepared thoroughly for the Giro to show that he can fight with the best.

Giro d’Italia: Legendary Rivalries on Two Wheels

From Epic Showdowns to Wheel-to-Wheel Drama, Unveiling Cycling’s Greatest Battles: the thrilling history of Giro d’ Italia is packed with some of the greatest rivalries! From fierce duels atop mountain passes to nail-biting sprints for the finish line, these legendary clashes have left an indelible mark on cycling history. So grab your helmet and saddle up as we journey through the annals of time to revisit some of the most iconic battles on the road.

1935-1949: The Memorable Duels of Bartali and Coppi

Step back in time to an era of grit and determination as we recount the epic rivalry between Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi. These Italian titans captivated audiences with their relentless pursuit of victory, trading blows on the winding roads of the Giro d’Italia. From the majestic peaks of the Dolomites to the sun-drenched plains of Sicily, Bartali and Coppi’s battles epitomized the golden age of cycling.

1993: Miguel Indurain – Piotr Ugrumov

Fast forward to 1993, where Spanish powerhouse Miguel Indurain locked horns with Latvian sensation Piotr Ugrumov. In a clash of styles and strengths, these two riders pushed each other to the limit, captivating fans with their fierce rivalry. From grueling mountain ascents to heart-stopping time trials, Indurain and Ugrumov’s duel for supremacy showcased the true essence of competitive cycling.

2004: Damiano Cunego – Gilberto Simoni

Enter the new millennium, where Italian talents Damiano Cunego and Gilberto Simoni took center stage. In a battle for Italian pride and Giro glory, Cunego’s youthful exuberance clashed with Simoni’s seasoned experience. From the cobbled streets of Florence to the towering peaks of the Alps, their rivalry ignited passion and excitement, captivating fans around the world.

2008: Alberto Contador – Riccardo Ricco

Fast forward to 2008, where Spanish sensation Alberto Contador collided with Italian firebrand Riccardo Ricco. In a battle of wits and wills, Contador’s tactical brilliance clashed with Ricco’s aggressive style. From daring breakaways to thrilling descents, their rivalry kept fans on the edge of their seats, proving that in the world of cycling, anything can happen on the road to glory.

2015: Aru and Landa

Zoom into 2015, where Italian prodigy Fabio Aru locked horns with Spanish sensation Mikel Landa. In a battle of rising stars, Aru’s climbing prowess collided with Landa’s tenacity and grit. From the treacherous slopes of the Stelvio to the hairpin bends of the Dolomites, their rivalry electrified the Giro d’Italia, showcasing the next generation of cycling talent.

2023: Primoz Roglic – Geraint Thomas

Fast forward to 2023, where Slovenian powerhouse Primoz Roglic clashed with Welsh wizard Geraint Thomas. In a battle of Grand Tour giants, Roglic’s relentless attacks clashed with Thomas’s steady resolve. From the sun-soaked shores of Sicily to the misty peaks of the Apennines, their rivalry epitomized the drama and excitement of modern cycling, leaving fans breathless with anticipation.

As we reflect on these epic rivalries, one thing becomes clear: the Giro d’Italia is more than just a race—it’s a stage for the greatest battles in cycling history. From Bartali and Coppi’s timeless duels to Roglic and Thomas’s modern-day showdowns, these rivalries have shaped the sport and inspired generations of riders to push the limits of human endurance. So as we look ahead to the future, let’s celebrate the spirit of competition and camaraderie that defines the Giro d’Italia, ensuring that cycling’s greatest rivalries continue to captivate and inspire for years to come.

As the peloton embarks on this epic journey through Italy’s picturesque landscapes and challenging terrain, the 107th Giro d’ Italia promises to captivate cycling enthusiasts around the globe. With each stage offering new thrills and surprises, the race is sure to deliver moments of triumph, heartbreak, and sheer excitement. Get ready to witness cycling at its finest as the world’s best riders compete for glory in this prestigious Grand Tour.

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