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Lace up your skates and hit the ice, because the Ice Hockey World Cup 2024 is here, and the excitement is reaching a fever pitch! From bone-crushing body checks to lightning-fast slap shots, this year’s tournament promises to be an adrenaline-fueled spectacle like no other. So grab your jersey, grab your foam finger, and let’s dive into the heart-pounding world of international hockey competition.

The upcoming Ice Hockey World Cup is gearing up to be the standout event of May, marking the 87th edition of the tournament for men. This time, the Czech Republic takes the helm as the host nation, with Prague and Ostrava set to host the action-packed matches.

The 2024 IIHF World Championship will be hosted by Czech Republic from 10 to 26 May 2024. The reigning champion, Canada, clinched victory in the previous edition by defeating the surprising underdog, Germany, with a score of 4-2. Notably, Latvia’s triumph in the bronze medal match against the USA marked a historic moment for the country, securing its first-ever World Cup medal. Now, all eyes turn to the top contenders vying for glory in this championship showdown.

Ice Hockey 2024 World Cup predictions

DateSportCompetitionMatchPredictionBet TypeOdds
9-JunFootballInternationalFrance - CanadaOver 3.5Under/Over 3.52.402.40WeekendPrevious
9-JunFootballInternationalFrance - Canada1 (-1)Handicap1.901.90WeekendPrevious
9-JunFootballInternationalItaly - Bosnia11X21.301.30WeekendPrevious
9-JunFootballInternationalItaly - BosniaOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51.801.80WeekendPrevious
9-JunFootballInternationalMontenegro - GeorgiaUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51.701.70WeekendPrevious
9-JunFootballInternationalSlovakia - Wales11X22.152.15WeekendPrevious
9-JunFootballInternationalSlovakia - WalesUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51.651.65WeekendPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalArgentina - Ecuador11X21.551.55weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalCzech Republic - North Macedonia11X2banker1.551.55weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalCzech Republic - North MacedoniaOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51.851.85weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalNetherlands - Iceland1 to nilWin to nil1.851.85weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalNetherlands - Iceland11X2banker1.201.20weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalNetherlands - Iceland2-0, 3-0Correct Scorebomb6.506.50weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalPoland - Turkey11X22.452.45weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalPoland - TurkeyUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51.701.70weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballInternationalPoland - Turkey1-0, 1-1Correct Scorebomb7.007.00weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballWorld Cup 2026 qual.Ghana - Central African Republic11X2banker1.301.30weekdayPrevious
10-JunFootballWorld Cup 2026 qual.Montserrat - Panama0-3, 1-3Correct Scorebomb14.0014.00weekdayPrevious
10-JunHorse RacingLingfield15:35 - Hul ah Bah Looplaceplace6.006.00weekdayPrevious
10-JunHorse RacingRoscommon17:18 - Horntzau D'airyplaceplace2.002.00weekdayPrevious
10-JunHorse RacingRoscommon17:48 - Born By The Seaplaceplacebomb15.0015.00weekdayPrevious
10-JunHorse RacingRoscommon19:48 - Monbeg Parkplaceplacebomb8.008.00weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballInternationalAzerbaijan - Kazakhstan2/XHT/FTbomb5.005.00weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballInternationalChile - ParaguayX/1HT/FTbomb5.005.00weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballInternationalMoldova - Ukraine21X21.551.55weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballInternationalMoldova - UkraineUnder 1.5Under/Over 1.5bomb4.004.00weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballInternationalPortugal - Ireland11X21.301.30weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballInternationalSan Marino - Cyprus2/2HT/FT1.801.80weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballWorld Cup 2026 qual.Australia - Palestine1/1HT/FT1.801.80weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballWorld Cup 2026 qual.Congo - Morocco2/2HT/FT1.601.60weekdayPrevious
11-JunFootballWorld Cup 2026 qual.Japan - Syria1/1HT/FT5.005.00weekdayPrevious
12-JuneSportsCS:GOTeam Spirit - G211X21.301.30weekdayPrevious
12-JuneSportsCS:GOVitality - Virtus.pro11X21.401.40weekdayPrevious
12-JuneSportsLoLHanwha Life - Dplus KIA11X21.351.35weekdayPrevious
12-JunFootballBrazil Serie ABotafogo - FluminenseBTTS NOBTTS2.102.10weekdayPrevious
12-JunFootballBrazil Serie ABotafogo - Fluminense11X22.052.05weekdayPrevious
13-JuneSportsLoLBRION -0 DRXOver 2.5Under/Over 2.5BETweekdayPrevious
13-JuneSportsLoLNongshim Red Force - FearX21X21.501.50weekdayPrevious
13-JuneSportsSCIICure - ByuN21X22.252.25weekdayPrevious
13-JuneSportsSCIIMaru - soO11X21.101.10weekdayPrevious
13-JunFootballInternationalEcuador - Bolivia11X21.301.30weekdayPrevious
13-JunFootballInternationalUSA - Brazil21X21.551.55weekdayPrevious
13-JunFootballSpain SegundaEspanyol - Sporting Gijon11X21.801.80weekdayPrevious
13-JunFootballSpain SegundaEspanyol - Sporting GijonOver 2.5Under/Over 2.52.402.40weekdayPrevious
14-JuneSportsLoLT1 - Nongshim Red Force1 (-1.5)Handicap1.401.40weekdayPrevious
14-JunFootballArgentinaBoca Juniors - Velez SarsfieldX1X2Draw3.203.20weekdayPrevious
14-JunFootballBrazil Serie AFlamengo - Gremio11X2banker1.501.50weekdayPrevious
14-JunFootballBrazil Serie AInternational - Sao PauloBTTS YESBTTS2.052.05weekdayPrevious
14-JunFootballBrazil Serie AInternational - Sao PauloOver 2.5Under/Over 2.52.502.50weekdayPrevious
14-JunFootballEuro 2024Germany - Scotland1 to nilWin to nil1.801.80weekdayPrevious
14-JunFootballEuro 2024Germany - Scotland11X21.301.30weekdayPrevious
15-JunFootballArgentinaUnion - San Lorenzo21X23.403.40WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Hungary - SwitzerlandBTTS YESBTTS1.951.95WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Hungary - SwitzerlandX1X2Draw3.103.10WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Italy - Albania11X2banker1.401.40WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Italy - AlbaniaUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51.801.80WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Italy - Albania1 to nilWin to nil2.002.00WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Spain - CroatiaBTTS NOBTTS1.931.93WeekendToday
15-JunFootballEuro 2024Spain - CroatiaUnder 1.5Under/Over 1.5bomb3.303.30WeekendToday
15-JunFootballInternationalArgentina - GuatemalaUnder 3.5Under/Over 3.51.651.65WeekendToday
15-JunFootballInternationalColombia - Bolivia11X22.302.30WeekendToday
15-JunFootballInternationalColombia - Bolivia1/1HT/FT3.003.00WeekendToday
15-JunFootballSpain SegundaEibar - OviedoOver 3.5Under/Over 3.53.903.90WeekendToday
16-JunFootballEuro 2024Poland - NetherlandsUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51.901.90WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballEuro 2024Poland - NetherlandsX1X2Draw4.104.10WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballEuro 2024Serbia - EnglandBTTS YESBTTS1.951.95WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballEuro 2024Serbia - England21X21.501.50WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballEuro 2024Slovenia - DenmarkUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51.751.75WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballEuro 2024Slovenia - Denmark21X21.781.78WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballSweden 2Helsingborgs - OrebroX1X2Draw3.303.30WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballSweden 2Osters - Ostersunds11X2banker1.551.55WeekendTomorrow
16-JunFootballSweden 2Sandviken - Oddevold11X22.102.10WeekendTomorrow
16-JunTennisLibema OpenJordan Thompsonwinnerwinnerbomb15.0015.00WeekendTomorrow
16-JunTennisLibema OpenRinky Hijikatawinnerwinnerbomb80.0080.00WeekendTomorrow
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Austria - FranceOver 3.5Under/Over 3.52.602.60weekdayUpcoming
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Austria - FranceBTTS YESBTTS1.801.80weekdayUpcoming
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Belgium - Slovakia11X21.501.50weekdayUpcoming
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Belgium - Slovakia1 to nilWin to nil2.402.40weekdayUpcoming
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Belgium - SlovakiaOver 3.5Under/Over 3.52.602.60weekdayUpcoming
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Romania - UkraineX1X2Draw3.203.20weekdayUpcoming
17-JunFootballEuro 2024Romania - UkraineUnder 3.5Under/Over
18-JunFootballEuro 2024Portugal - Czech Republic11X21.551.55weekdayUpcoming
18-JunFootballEuro 2024Portugal - Czech RepublicOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51.851.85weekdayUpcoming
18-JunFootballEuro 2024Portugal - Czech RepublicBTTS YESBTTS2.002.00weekdayUpcoming
18-JunFootballEuro 2024Turkey - Georgia11X2banker1.701.70weekdayUpcoming
18-JunFootballEuro 2024Turkey - Georgia1 (-1)Handicap3.203.20weekdayUpcoming
20-JuneSportsSCIIDRG - Dark21X21.301.30weekdayUpcoming
20-JuneSportsSCIIherO - Creator11X21.151.15weekdayUpcoming
21-JunFootballCopa AmericaArgentina - Canada11X2banker1.351.35weekdayUpcoming
21-JunFootballCopa AmericaArgentina - Canada1 to nil1X22.002.00weekdayUpcoming
24-JunFootballCopa AmericaUruguay - PanamaOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51.801.80weekday1Upcoming
24-JunFootballCopa AmericaUruguay - Panama11X2banker1.251.25weekday1Upcoming
24-JunFootballCopa AmericaUSA - Bolivia11X2banker1.351.35weekday1Upcoming
29-JunCricketT20 World CupSouth Africawinnerwinner2.202.20Dayweek1Upcoming
13-JulTennisWimbledonOns Jabeurwinnerwinner2.202.20Dayweek1Upcoming
14-JulFootballCopa AmericaBrazilwinnerwinner3.503.50Dayweek1Upcoming
14-JulFootballEuro 2024Englandwinnerwinner4.254.25Dayweek1Upcoming
14-JulFootballEuro 2024Francewinnerwinner4.504.50Dayweek1Upcoming
14-JulFootballEuro 2024Germanywinnerwinner7.007.00Dayweek1Upcoming
14-JulFootballEuro 2024Kylian Mbappegolden bootwinner6.506.50Dayweek1Upcoming
14-JulFootballEuro 2024Portugalwinnerwinnerbomb10.0010.00Dayweek1Upcoming
7-AugeSportsLoLKwangdong Freecs - KT Rolster11X2BETweekday1Upcoming
16-AugeSportsLoLGen.G - Nongshim Red Force1 (-1.5)HandicapBETweekday1Upcoming
8-DecFormula 1Formula 1Max VerstappenwinnerwinnerBETDayweek1Upcoming
8-DecFormula 1Formula 1Mercedeswinner (w/o Red Bull)winner3.503.50Dayweek1Upcoming

Group A: The Battle Royale

In Group A, the stage is set for a fierce battle among powerhouse nations, including Canada, Finland, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. Dubbed the “group of death,” it promises intense competition and unpredictable outcomes. While Canada boasts its perennial strength, adapting to the larger rinks may pose a challenge. Finland, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic, with their homegrown talent accustomed to the expansive ice, are poised to make their mark. However, expect surprises from underdogs Denmark and Norway, who have a knack for shaking up the tournament dynamics.

Group B: Sweden’s Stance

On the other hand, Group B appears relatively less daunting, placing Sweden in the spotlight as the favorite. With a star-studded lineup including Victor Hedman, Erik Karlsson, and Rasmus Dahlin, Sweden boasts a formidable defense. However, the team’s Achilles heel lies in its offense, lacking the firepower needed for a gold medal push. Nonetheless, Tre Kronor aims to capitalize on this opportunity to bolster its confidence and secure a strong position in the tournament. The USA, Germany, Slovakia, and Latvia are poised to give Sweden a run for its money, while France, Kazakhstan, and Poland are expected to face an uphill battle against the tournament favorites.

In conclusion, as the Ice Hockey World Cup unfolds, anticipation runs high as top contenders vie for supremacy on the ice. With thrilling matchups, unexpected twists, and the quest for hockey glory, fans are in for a riveting spectacle that will leave a lasting impact on the sport’s history.

Could Sweden dominate the Ice Hockey World Cup?

Deep down, I have a strong feeling that Sweden is poised for an impressive tournament run. This optimism stems not only from their formidable defensive lineup but also from the genuine camaraderie fostered by coach Sam Hallam. Many of the fresh faces on the team seem eager to showcase their talent, fueled by the prospect of future World Cups and Olympics. It’s an encouraging sign for the Swedish squad.

While Sweden boasts a stellar defensive roster, it’s essential to address their weaknesses head-on. Offensively, the team leans towards youth, lacking established stars. Joel Eriksson-Ek stands out as a top contender, his skill often underestimated by Swedish fans. Lucas Raymond’s point-rich season adds depth, though his performance relies on strong support. Fabian Zetterlund’s stellar performance in San Jose could serve as a wildcard for the team. However, to clinch victory, Sweden may need a player of Filip Forsberg or Elias Pettersson’s caliber.

The big favorites

Among the contenders, Canada, led by Conor Bedard, commands attention. Bedard’s prowess under pressure draws eyes, and Canada’s lineup will undoubtedly influence their performance. Despite their formidable roster, Canada may find a formidable opponent in Sweden.

The USA emerges as Sweden’s primary rival, boasting a roster filled with seasoned NHL players like Johnny Gaudreau, Trevor Zegras, and Cole Caufield. While the team may struggle initially with the transition to the larger rink, their speed and offensive skill pose a significant threat, particularly in the latter stages of the tournament.

While other teams may face an uphill battle against the tournament favorites, the Czech Republic could emerge as a dark horse. Home advantage and a strong lineup could propel them to unexpected success, especially with the addition of players like David Pastrnak.

In terms of betting, two intriguing markets stand out: Sweden to win the group and the USA to secure the overall victory. Sweden’s stability and strong start make them favorites to top their group, while the USA’s potential to improve as the tournament progresses positions them as potential champions.

As the Ice Hockey World Cup unfolds, all eyes are on Sweden as they aim to assert their dominance on the ice. With a blend of talent, determination, and strategic prowess, they have the makings of a formidable contender for the coveted title.

Ice Hockey World Cup History: A Journey Through the Frozen Ages

Before we jump into the present, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to explore the rich history of the Ice Hockey World Cup. Born in 1920, this legendary tournament has witnessed some of the greatest moments in hockey history. From iconic victories to heartbreaking defeats, the World Cup has been the stage for countless unforgettable performances. Let’s take a look at some key milestones:

Recent Winners

2022United StatesFinland

Countries with Most Trophies

CountryNumber of Trophies
Russia/Soviet Union14
United States10

Ice Hockey Betting Strategies: From Blue Line Breakouts to Hat-Trick Heroics

Now, let’s talk strategy. Betting on ice hockey can be as thrilling as the game itself, but it’s essential to have a game plan. Here are some tried-and-true tips to help you score big in the betting arena:

1. Study Team Form: Keep an eye on teams’ recent performances and player injuries. A team in top form with a healthy roster is more likely to come out on top.

2. Analyze Head-to-Head Matchups: Take a deep dive into past matchups between competing teams. Certain teams may have a historical advantage over others, affecting the outcome of the game.

3. Consider Home Ice Advantage: Home ice advantage can play a significant role in hockey games. Teams playing on home ice tend to perform better due to familiarity with the arena and support from the crowd.

4. Evaluate Goalie Performance: Goalies are often the difference-makers in hockey games. Assess the performance of each team’s goalie, including save percentage and goals against average, to gauge their impact on the game’s outcome.

5. Monitor Special Teams: Pay attention to teams’ power play and penalty kill statistics. A team with a strong power play or penalty kill unit can capitalize on opportunities or thwart their opponents’ chances, respectively.


As the puck drops and the players take to the ice, the stage is set for an exhilarating display of skill, passion, and sportsmanship at the Ice Hockey World Cup 2024. From the thunderous roar of the crowd to the crisp sound of blades slicing through the ice, every moment promises to be a heart-pounding thrill ride. So whether you’re cheering from the stands or placing your bets from the comfort of home, get ready to witness hockey history in the making. Let the games begin!

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